E-940 EDM GraphiteE-940 EDM Graphite


E-940 is probably the hardest working material in the EDM world. Excellent Machinability, Surface Finish and Wear Resistance combine with better speed than you may be used to from a Premium EDM electrode material. If you’re working with fine detailed electrodes or blind cavities, or if you’re making electrodes for Plastic Injection Molds, Powdered Metal Tooling or Punch & Die applications, Micron Research E-940 is the full package.


Do you wish you could find a Premium EDM graphite you can fabricate with wire EDM without wire breakage and slow cutting speeds? Look no further! Our E-940 is the best Premium graphite on the market today for graphite wire cutting applications.


If you are looking for a Premium EDM graphite with superior all-around performance for Machinability, Wear Resistance, Speed and Surface Finish, give the Micron Research E-940 a try.


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